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We’ve been in the home renovation business for a long time now. We want to use that experience to help people make smarter choices for their homes. That’s why we started the Karry Knows feature. Below are some of the topics you found most helpful this year.


  1. Best Time of Year to Renovate

Dragging in wet snow versus working through sweltering heat. There are pros and cons no matter what time of year you decide to renovate. Your best bet is to weigh which season has the most pros for you and your family.


  1. How Does Formal Dining Affect Home Value?

Formal dining used to be a staple of any detached home. With condos and downsized living on the rise for both Millennials and retirees, new dining options are becoming the norm. But how does this affect your property value?


  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Moving Out During a Reno

Some renovations get in the way of your daily life more than others. A kitchen remodel is usually more intrusive than a basement renovation. This blog will help you decide if you should move out during your renovation.


  1. Repair or Replace? That Is the Question

You may not need to replace that entire row of cabinets or old floor. A lot of older materials can look brand new with a little sprucing up – and significantly smaller budget. Some get more ROI with a full replacement though. This blog goes through some common renovations to consider.


  1. Paint or Stain My Cupboards?

If you do plan on working with existing cupboards and cabinets, the question becomes whether you want to paint or stain them. The finish, product and colour you want heavily impact which route you should take.

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