Karry Knows – Exploring Concrete: Benefits, Costs and Uses

The uses for concrete both in and outside the home are growing every day. Is this the option for you? Get in touch to find out.

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The biggest benefit to concrete is that it’s virtually indestructible. This makes it ideal for driveways, flooring and counters. No more watching your marble or soapstone counters chip!

Concrete is easy to clean when using as a counter. Just a simple soap and water combination will do the trick. With the right sealer, it’s a non-porous, hygienic option as well.

Concrete is insanely versatile too. Whether its cast onsite or offsite, concrete is poured custom to your space. This means if they can sculpt it, they can create it.

Lastly, using the right manufacturer/seller can make this an environmentally friendly option too. Also, consider using an existing slab, to reduce new material consumption.



Depending on the use for the concrete, prices range greatly. Pouring something like a floor or driveway is pretty cost-effective. Expect anywhere between $4-10 per square foot.

Something like a countertop however, which requires detailed molds and templates, is far more expensive. It’s pretty comparable to stone countertops though. Expect anywhere from $80-150 per square foot (depending on the details included in the design).



Countertops –  Thanks to its custom element, you can build things like drain boards and designs right into the countertop.

Floors – Try out a floorboard stamp to make your concrete floor look like wood flooring or tile.

Sinks and tubs – Concrete can be poured to form a basin shape (of your custom choice) for either a bathtub or sink.



Driveway – Concrete is so durable that it will stay strong underneath your cars for a lifetime.

Outdoor fire pit – The natural heat resistance of concrete makes it a great contender for building a fire pit casing.

Benches and seating – The durable, industrial nature of the material is a natural fit for the outdoors, but indoors work too. If you’re a big fan of the lofty, industrial style, have concrete poured into a bench mold for the kitchen/dining area.

What other ideas for concrete spring to mind? Share your inspiration, especially if it’s unconventional!

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