If you are considering a small or large kitchen renovation let one of Karry’s specialists help.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and it should be both inviting and functional. Country kitchen or modern, simple update or complete overhaul, Karry will cover all your needs.

One of our consultants will work with you to design a kitchen that works for your family and meets your aesthetic tastes. We offer several options and styles in kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware, tiling and more.

Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets


At Karry Home Solutions, we bring years of experience with kitchen cupboard design and building to your home project.  There are several paths available to you in this process.  For the complete overhaul, Karry can work with you to build a custom design from scratch to best utilize your space and include every utility you need.

If renovation demolition is beyond your current means, Karry can also assist you with cabinet refacing.  In this process we can re-stain or paint your current kitchen cupboard or cabinet doors.  Painting your kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them altogether creates a dramatic makeover update without the dramatic cost.  From colours to hardware to countertops, we are here to help you build your dream space.

Come in to our show room and we can show you examples of our custom kitchen units and cabinet pictures to spark your inspiration.  Meet with us in person or call one of our designers, and we would be happy to provide you with design ideas and kitchen cabinet prices.

We will also work with you to make selections and design choices for kitchen renovations on a budget.  We understand renovations can be an expensive and disruptive process; one we aim to make as enjoyable as possible.  At Karry Home Solutions, we offer a variety of material options and creative ideas to make a big impact on your space without breaking the bank.

Time is another valuable commodity that is disrupted during big remodels, which is why Karry follows a tried and tested process.  Major renovation work begins only once all materials are available and ready to install, ensuring you and your family are not left with a half-finished kitchen for weeks on end.

Several of our custom built-in and cupboard projects are single day installations, providing quick impact with minimal hassle.  Our policy at Karry Home Solutions is to work with you directly and take a personal approach, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable renovation experience.

Kitchen Islands and Countertops

Kitchen Islands and Countertops

Building a kitchen island is a key way of adding counter space, storage and value during your remodel.  Karry develops designs, which include dedicated spaces for specific storage and incorporate various appliances such as a dishwasher or trash units.  Get in touch with us to go over kitchen island ideas and plans that can work with your room.

During a renovation, the countertops are a main focal point and a critical selection in the design process.  Karry will walk you through the different types of kitchen countertops and their benefits, such as soapstone, marble, granite, quartz, laminate and travertine.

The choices don’t end there.  With recent trends and homeowners becoming more creative, there are movements into stainless steel, butcher blocks and even concrete counters.  Stainless steel and concrete counters provide durable and easy to clean surfaces, while butcher block counters turn your entire countertop into workable cooking space.  With so many options at your disposal, we can guarantee to find a look and solution that meets your needs.

After looking at countertops, your kitchen backsplash is the next important step.  Karry can provide you with a wide selection of kitchen backsplash ideas to perfectly tie-in your design elements and give your space the extra spark to make it pop.  Whether you’re looking to accent your walls with tiles, stone or metal, Karry will bring all the resources at our disposal to you. Click to Know more

Designs for Small Kitchens

Designs for Small Kitchens

Working with a small kitchen space is a common problem amongst homeowners and one of the main reasons people choose to renovate.  With Karry’s expert designers, we can design a remodel specifically for your kitchen to best make use of the area.  We will work with you to provide small kitchen ideas and solutions.

Choosing the right details, even down to your kitchen lighting, can work wonders in opening up your space.  We will go over the many options still available to you in selecting furniture and appliances best for the remodel, like small kitchen tables and compact fridges or ovens.

Karry’s expertise in custom cupboards and built-ins benefits small kitchen layouts in aiding to provide as much storage as possible within limited space.  With custom built-ins there is less wasted room and bulky appliances can be smoothly worked into the plan. A well thought out design means there is no need to compromise on style or look.

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