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Cabinetry and organization is no longer just about storage.  More and more homeowners are seeing the practical need for organization as an opportunity to go all out and create a beautiful, custom piece to serve as a room’s focus.

What was once meant to invisibly provide adequate storage now often stands out as the highlight of an updated room.  Custom built-ins and feature walls are Karry Home Solutions’ specialty, and we want to bring a unique piece to your home.

Feature Walls for Living and Family Rooms

Feature Walls for Living and Family Rooms

Custom built-ins in family and living rooms are becoming very common and are the typical space for feature walls.   Entertainment centres are one of the greatest opportunities for designing a custom-built wall unit.  It is often the perfect solution to spruce up a bare wall.  We can provide you with several feature wall ideas for living rooms.

Whether it’s a basement screening room, a kid’s playroom, or a living room, a custom-built wall unit can hold all your electronics and showcase them in a flattering display.  Your television, speakers, video players, game controllers and more, all built into a convenient and sharp looking unit.  To really bring warmth to your living area, consider a custom built-in for around your fireplace.

Homeowners with families will know that an elegant looking feature wall isn’t always what you’re looking for.  Wall units can also be built with kids in mind.  Wall units and custom built-ins for organizing a child’s play room and storing all their toys have huge benefits.  They clear floors often littered with toys, and can be built to the style and safety standards necessary for children.  Imagine shelving built to match your child’s room and constructed so that they can access the compartments safely.

Feature Walls for Bedrooms and Kitchens

Feature Walls for Bedrooms and Kitchens

You are not limited to the communal living areas when it comes to feature walls.  Bedrooms are another great space for a unique design.  Custom built-ins for bedrooms, particularly the master bedroom, can serve several purposes.  These units can simultaneously take care of storing clothing, technology and toiletries, while taking up as much or little space as you desire.

For the master bedroom, Karry designers can design a large, luxurious piece that elevates the quality of your whole suite.  For other bedrooms, the design can be more subtle and provide the necessary organization in a practical fashion.

Kitchens are a room most would not immediately associate with a feature wall, but this is a great place to consider.  A well-finished kitchen adds value to your home as a whole, so just imagine what a beautiful feature wall can accomplish.  With custom cabinetry, you can include shelving specifically for your kitchen space and needs, while also highlighting appliances or other features.

Feature wall units for small bedrooms and spaces are a great way to spruce up a room.  They can also add value by making up for the lack of floor space and creating multiple uses for one room.

Custom Wall Unit Styles and Materials

Custom Wall Unit Styles and Materials

Custom built-ins and feature walls are applicable to every room because you can use almost any material or style.  For a warmer feel, consider using natural finished wood.  If you’re trying for a modern or industrial renovation, cooler colours and metals lend well.

Feature walls offer selection beyond simply wood finishes and colours.  Often times feature walls will include the use of stone, tile and other materials.  Slate is perfect for modern looks, while limestone lends to more traditional remodels.  Consider also using materials like glass, wallpaper, wicker and metal.

Feature wall lighting is another selection that makes a huge impact on your custom design.  The built-in itself will be eye-catching, but adding pot lights or hanging chandeliers will make jaws drop.

Murphy Beds

A popular feature in custom built-ins is the Murphy Bed, or wall bed.  This add-on can turn any room into a spare bedroom for guests in seconds.  The quality of product that can be produced in today’s renovations is marvelous.  These beds are not wire cots folded up against a wall.  Full queen or king size beds can be moved up inside units that look deceivingly like boudoirs or ornate wardrobes.

Karry prides themselves on their custom designs and the efficiency with which they can be installed.  Actual construction and installation often only requires a single day, minimizing the disruption to your household.

Our designers will work with you to create a design specifically for your space, and go over all the options and materials available to you.  We see each new project as a challenge and chance to better our previous work; whatever you can dream up, we can build.


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