What’s Your Style? The Ultimate Kid’s Room Ideas

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A room to make your kids go ‘wow’ has got to be dramatic. All of the subtle things you’re used to should be left in your room. Children need more to be impressed.

We’re talking bold colours, bold design and bold attempts. Here’s how you can create the ultimate kid’s bedroom or playroom!


While a small or large room has the potential to create a play, crafts or kid’s bedroom, a simple open concept is a great foundation. For safety sake, it’s better to add in nooks and crannies that you know can be child-proofed. Nothing takes the fun out of a room like a big boo-boo.


You want quality materials for safety but don’t need to drop major cash either. Little kids don’t care about granite, high-end fixtures and all the must-haves the big kids usually want.

Durability is another factor to consider. Hardwood floors probably won’t survive scratch-free, so laminate works just fine. Depending on the room, carpet is great where little ones are running and tumbling, but not where they’re crafting (ever tried getting glitter glue out of a carpet?).

Consider the room’s use and choose appropriately. Splurge for quality when it comes to safety and practicality, but don’t worry about luxury.


Child-proof everything. Sleek or textured, they don’t mind either look, but smooth means less rug burn and plush means less bruising.

Depending on their ages, you’ll want to keep corners rounded and pointy objects to a minimum (we’re thinking shelving and built-ins).


Put that kindergarten education to good work – primary colours are a safe bet for every kid. Big, bold colours in their purest hues appeal to children’s tastes too.

You’re not limited there though. If you want to create a more subdued space for crafts and inspiration, pastels offer a gorgeous palette to work with.

On the other hand, for slightly older kids looking to impress their friends, neon colours will definitely grab their attention and keep them entertained.

It all comes down to the room’s purpose and the age of your children. At all points though, don’t be afraid of colour. This is one of the rare opportunities to go wild.


Dual purpose furniture is a real winner in kids’ spaces, especially for storage. Drawing and craft tables, benches and couches that can double as storage or extra sleeping (for those epic sleepovers!) are life savers.

Appliances in playrooms are usually no more than Easy Bake Ovens, so there’s not much to fret about there. Hardware is another factor. Your child’s age is to be considered. Sharper handles can cause issues, but for older kids its not a factor.

Try finding a good in between: hardware that younger ones can use safely, looks fun, and can be baby-proofed for the younger siblings.


Just like colours, you can go wild here. In fact, this is the real make or break portion to a kid’s room. Indoor treehouses that double as beds, a climbing wall, a tire swing, a huge desk with every craft or art supply imaginable – the ideas are endless.

The major consideration is how to store all the fun items. Once that is handled, it’s hard to go wrong. Let your imagination free and make a space that will wear your little ones out so thoroughly that they put themselves to sleep every night.

Kids aren’t going to ask ‘is this space divided effectively?’, they just want to know if you’ll play with them. So parents, you focus on the safety and durability, and let the kids handle the fun part. Bring them into our showroom and we’ll work together to create the ultimate kid’s playroom.

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