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Lofts are versatile, creative, and the trendiest thing out there. Don’t lie, your inner five-year-old gets really excited when you see one. The best part, is that they actually add a great deal of practical use too.


  1. Maximize High Ceilings


High ceilings are gorgeous; we can all agree on that. However, other than big chandeliers and an open feeling, they don’t serve much purpose. Adding a loft still allows for that expansive feeling, as they won’t cover the entire floor plan (then it would just be an extra storey). With a loft, you can add extra living, storage or sleeping to all that vertical space.


  1. Maximize Small Apartments


In major cities especially, condos are getting smaller and smaller (yet somehow more expensive). Studio apartments are a great place to add a loft; even a small one that only takes up a quarter of the floor plan. You can use the space above and below, meaning you can maximize the square footage.

Use it for extra storage or sleeping space.


  1. Maximize Open Concept


By its definition, open concept does away with strict room divisions. While the look is beautiful, it makes decorating and furnishing a little difficult. There does need to be some natural division of space.

Lofts are an opportunity to create a visual divider in your open concept layout, without closing off the space entirely. Not to mention it adds an architectural interest point that is often left out in open concept.


  1. Maximize Fun


There’s something about lofts that kids just love. Maybe it’s because they’re rare, that it feels new and exciting. Why not use that to create the ultimate kids room?

A small loft area can be included for sleepover space or a playroom feature.


  1. Maximize Utility


In all these ideas, a loft is more than just an interesting design feature. It is a practical enhancement to your space that offers several opportunities. Even the most basic construction can add serious storage space to your home.

Sold on the value of lofts yet? Let’s chat about this option for your home. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

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