5 Things You Never Thought to Add to Your Walls

Step outside the norm and consider custom wall décor features. Give us a call for more ideas to turn your walls into something spectacular.

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Paint is overrated and overdone. People want new and exciting ways to decorate their homes. They want something that stands out, something exciting. A couple coats of grey paint won’t do it, but these ideas will.

  1. Living Walls



Sounds strange, right? With people embracing more greenery inside the home, living walls are a natural progression. Homeowners are using water-efficient plants, like moss, cacti and succulents to create living, green walls. They’re gorgeous and great for clean air in the home.

  1. Stone and tile


Using stone or tile as a backsplash or wall accent isn’t uncommon, but don’t wimp out on this feature anymore. Cover whole walls with natural stone or tile for added interest and a stunning look.

  1. Stencils and Wall Decals


Customize your décor by using stencils. Now your first thought probably looked like something your kid drew in kindergarten. Boy, have stencils come a long way! You can create anything from elegant patterns to custom lettering.

  1. Texture


Stone and tile are one way to create texture, but so is plaster and fabric.  To get really creative, 3D printed tile is actually a thing now. You can create topographic maps on your walls. You can sculpt a textured design using plaster or create a wall with fabric or wood planks, much like a headboard. Texture can be created any number of ways, when using unconventional materials.

  1. Moulding


Moulding is most traditionally used for ceilings and trim. It’s most noticeable use on walls is with beadboard. Why not do the entire wall though? If a coffered ceiling can use moulding all over, just move that same idea to a wall and create something magnificent.

If you’re going to renovate, go all the way. Call us to create something spectacular!

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