Home Office: Key Considerations for the Perfect Business Oasis

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Working from home comes with benefits and challenges. You have the freedom to set your own schedule but you’re also at the mercy of that freedom. It’s tough staying focused in a space so close to all access food and comfort.

The key is to make your home office a motivational business oasis that is inviting and geared towards productivity. Consider the four L’s when creating your perfect home work space.



Layout is important to consider in a home office, especially if your job isn’t a typical desk job. You’ll want to avoid an awkwardly shaped room that barely fits a desk, let alone room to move a chair. Also keep in mind that different shaped and size rooms require different furniture considerations.

Look at your space and ask yourself:

  • Does it allow for existing furniture?
  • Will any new furniture even work with the space?
  • Do you prefer U or L shaped desk set ups? Are those possible in this space?
  • Do outlets line up with your preferred desk set up?


A dark and dingy room does not breed productivity. That is why basement offices are tricky and need a little extra work.

Windows and natural light are a big element to consider, as they play a huge part in an inviting space. Lots of natural light really helps to create a space you’ll want to be in for extended periods of time. It’s airy and calming.

Adversely, some businesses (photography!) could require a work space with limited light or an artificial light set up. Every business is different but lighting is a key element to remember in all of them.


Think about where your office space will be located in relation to your whole home.

Do you want to be right next to the living room or kid’s play area? That is just setting you up for a mess of tempting and annoying distractions.

The attic is usually a good bet to seclude yourself from disturbances, but are you ok with constantly climbing flights of stairs?

Basements are another common choice, but an unfinished basement can be a disaster on your productivity.

Really take a look at where your potential space is in relation to other house elements. Weigh which potential distractions you can handle and those which you can’t.

Leg Room

Ok, we just liked the ‘L’ trend and had to make it work on this one. The last factor to consider is size. Some businesses may not need much space, while others require significant room for working and storage.

Do you need to keep hard copy files? Does your business require a lot of supplies or bulky equipment?

Choose a space with the appropriate room so you’re not cramped from the get-go. You may inevitably outgrow the room, but you shouldn’t be squeezed in and uncomfortable to start off.

By looking at your layout, lighting, location and leg room before picking your new home office, you can plan ahead for the ideal set up. Go forth and work!

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