Best Spaces for a Custom Built-in

Best Spaces for a Custom Built-in


Custom built feature walls and storage units are quickly growing in popularity. Several home space problems can be solved with one custom design. Built-ins offer the highest value, achieving optimal use for minimal square footage. Here are just a few of the best uses for a custom design.


Small spaces

Small spaces, such as spare rooms, closets and pantries, present a big challenge in the home, especially in units limited on space to begin with. Young professionals are moving into spaces closer to urban centres where there are more job opportunities but less floor space. A single closet must often fill the needs of two or three.

Custom cabinetry becomes the ultimate means of survival in these cases. Specific shelving built directly into closet space means utilizing every inch for storage rather than piling one object on top of the other in hopes that gravity plays in your favour.

Similarly, entertainment feature walls can clean up an entire room while also providing a focus piece. You don’t build an entertainment room and set your big screen on top of a foldout table.

Small Spaces example

Multi-use rooms

In the same premise as cramped spaces, often times in smaller apartments rooms are used for dual purposes. Specialty built-ins are ideal for accommodating a single room with multiple uses. This offers value on two fronts: a material selling feature and a practical one.

By building custom shelving, feature walls and built-ins, a single room can be repurposed to serve more than one need. A living room can double as a home office; a bathroom can simultaneously serve as laundry room. The needs of two rooms can be met with one.

One of the most incredible uses of custom feature walls to serve multiple purposes in a single room is the incorporation of murphy beds. Working a murphy bed into your renovation plans can turn a home office, playroom, living room etc. into a spare bedroom at a moment’s notice.

An entire mattress, bed sheets, pillows and all, can be stored conveniently within a shelving system or behind extra seating against a wall. True to the promise of custom feature walls, murphy beds can be built in to wall units and create an extra bedroom without forcing you to compromise on space.

Multi-Use Rooms

Awkward spaces

A problem often found in older homes is the presence of awkward or unconventional spaces, such as alcoves and slanted ceilings. While aesthetically interesting, these spaces are typically difficult to furnish. A built-in unit designed specifically for that space gets the maximum use out of it. With a custom design, every inch of your own becomes a selling point and corners are no longer left bare.

awkward space example

Disabilities and safety

Custom designs for feature walls and built-ins can lend to more than home value or décor. Finding accessible storage, shelving and hardware for people with disabilities is a difficult task that can be accommodated through custom design.

Units can be built with specific needs and standards in mind, such as shelving for those living in wheelchairs. These built-in storage options also aid in less obstructions on the ground for those at greater risk of injury after falling. A parent can have greater control over a design in a child’s bed or playroom, easing many concerns on child safety.

Every homeowner has different needs for their own spaces. A custom built-in or feature wall is a wonderful way to accommodate every issue by specifically addressing them at the very beginning of the design stage. Experienced designers, like those at Karry Home Solutions, can discuss the requirements for your home and create a design that works for you. Whether you’re looking for an intricate showpiece or an optimal storage option, speak with one of our consultants to find a solution to your needs.

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