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Pub style doesn’t have to be for a bar. Ask us about the several ways you can incorporate this style into your home décor.

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All this focus on finished basements has us thinking about home bar setups. If that’s something you want for your space, you can’t go wrong with pub style. Basements have a little more freedom when it comes to design styles; you don’t have to stick with bright, open-concept looks.

People expect basements to lack in natural light anyway, so cozier ideas are embraced naturally. Pub style embodies this idea, going for a cozy, intimate feel. Seeing as this style really started in areas where it’s almost always raining, cozy is a must.




Since a pub style room is meant to be cozy, it’s a little anti-open concept. This makes basements ideal, since they’re naturally more snug, with lower ceilings.




Picture the bar area at your local Irish pub – that’s a good place to start for inspiration. Glossy, varnished wood is a big staple, as are fabrics and textiles. Metals as accents complete the basics, especially ones like brass, copper and bronze.




Darker, muted tones are the palette of choice here. Muted tones help to give an aged look, which gives that vibe of a local bar that’s been around for ages. Remember that pubs really started as a point of national pride, so incorporate colours of the flags and country; blues and reds for England, green for Ireland etc.

The metal colours tie in heavily to the alcohol most commonly served in pubs; amber liqueurs like scotch, brandy, whisky, rye and ale. Choose metals that follow that scheme, like the ones mentioned previously.





Go for a blend of glossy surfaces and plush textured fabrics. The fabrics help to bring in that intimate, comfortable atmosphere, while the glossy surfaces come from that practical aspect of a pub; they help keep spills manageable.





We’ve mentioned the importance of varnished woods before, but they really come in handy with furniture. Wooden stools and chairs, mixed with craftsman tables and ottomans are key. Mix them with upholstered fabrics to blend the practical with the cozy.

Bring those metal accents back in here, with fasteners, hardware, fixtures etc.




Remember the national pride element? You’d be doing a disservice if you didn’t have some kind of flag on the walls or on a pillow. That theme is everywhere in décor, so you should have no trouble finding a fun piece.

The national aspect plays into patterns too. Consider throws and pillows with plaid, argyle and tartan prints.

If you’re using this décor style for an actual bar (and kudos If you are!), emphasize the bar elements. Splurge on custom taps and branded glassware. Stained glass and warmer toned lighting works well here, depending on your preference.

For less permanent décor, take elements from both vintage and country cottage styles.

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