Karry’s Favourite Closet Accessories


Designated Storage

Customized storage for specific articles of clothing and accessories is incredibly useful in a walk-in closet. A simple grid pattern or the single line of hanging bars that is most common still leaves room for disorganization. Shoes still end up piled at the bottom of the closet and there’s accounting for the smaller accessories like jewelry, socks, undergarments and ties.
When we design custom walk-in closet and storage units for our clients, this is a must-have. Offering someone a design without designated units just would not happen.
Consider a section for hanging shits or dresses that can be extended out of the actual unit for browsing ease. Drawers for jewelry display are another favourite of ours.
When talking with one of our designers about your closet makeover, consider all the items in your bedroom that always get lost, strewn about, or are difficult to put away. These often make for the most creative additions to custom closets.

Viewing and Changing Areas

What’s a walk-in closet if you can’t show off your outfits in the same space? A modeling area, built right into the closet space, is a definite feature to think about, especially since this addition is fairly simple.
The basic design involves strategically placed floor-length mirrors and you can get as extravagant as you want from there. Podiums and elevated stands give a professional feel. One of our favourite inclusions is a moveable mirror that can shift based on your preference.

Ironing Board

A practical must-have on so many levels is a built-in ironing board. Rather than lugging your to-be-ironed clothing to the laundry room or your separate ironing board into an open space, all your ironing can be done in one convenient location.
For a quick freshening up, this is the most ideal but it’s great for the heavy-duty ironing jobs as well. Ironing boards are known for their hassle in regards to storage and moving them around. Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you could quickly fold and unfold that board right in and out of a designated space.
It’s handy, it’s clutter-free, and it’s essential.

Laundry Basket

This feature falls within the same category as the ironing board. If you’re changing and ironing in your brand new custom walk-in, it makes sense to include a laundry basket.
Again, this is beneficial because it adds the convenience of features all within one space and frees room that a separate laundry hamper would otherwise take up. Built-in to the organization unit, the basket features a removable collection piece that can be moved to the laundry room come laundry day.
These are just some of the essentials in a new custom walk-in closet or storage unit but it doesn’t have to stop there. Check out our Brampton showroom to see what you can include in your closet unit, or dream up a new idea!

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