Top Closet Must Have Features

The Top Must-Have Walk-In Closet Features

Designated drawers/shelving

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There’s a reason that your front hall closet inevitably returns to a state of disarray no matter how many times you organize your shoes.  When you’re designing your custom walk-in closet, specific shelving and drawers for designated pieces of your wardrobe are crucial.  Some of the most popular storage add-ons are for ties, shoes, hats, jewelry and formal attire.


Consider, as well, specific spaces for displaying or storing scarves, socks, watches, coats, gloves and any other abundant item in your wardrobe.  This feature limits damage and wear on your items, while also providing a display piece and efficient storage to your home.


Dressing/makeup table

The ideal walk-in closet is set up to serve as your own luxury change room.  From makeup to clothes to the finishing touches, your walk-in should have you covered.  Adding a makeup station turns your closet into a fully equipped room to prepare for any occasion.


Options for vanity stations are versatile.  If space or budget limits you on a full built-in station, consider adding a simple table and mirror in your style to a bare wall inside the space.  Creating your own vanity island in the centre of your walk-in is another great way to utilize space.


Laundry hamper

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If your walk-in is going to be your luxury change room, a laundry hamper should be an obvious addition.  A space or basket to hold your clothes until laundry day not only saves you a little extra floor space but it also hides the usually unwelcome sight of bundled, wrinkly clothes in a plastic bin.


Ironing board

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Just as useful as a laundry basket, including an ironing board in your custom closet space is a no-brainer.  Picture this: you’re running around getting ready for a night out and you notice your favourite dress shirt is wrinkled.  You still have to do your hair, your makeup and pick your shoes.  With this added gem, you don’t need to waste time running to your laundry room.  Quickly pull down the ironing board and finish all your other night out tasks without leaving your closet.


Full length mirror

The absolute necessity you’ll be kicking yourself for forgetting.  You can add a single full-length mirror to your walk-in, a folding mirror like in store change rooms or deck out your entire space with mirrored surfaces.  The important part is that you can fully visualize the outfits you are mix and matching in your walk-in closet.  Adding this is much easier than walking to the bathroom for a final check.


Smart Station – TV, Laptop, ipad, Stereo

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Now we finally get to the luxuries.  The beautiful part about building a smart station into your walk-in closet is being able to cut time on all the little details that often derail the ‘getting ready’ process.  With access to a TV or iPad, you can check the morning traffic or find directions to the restaurant you’re heading to.  You can charge your phone or play music while getting dressed.  If you want to check the last few episodes of your favourite show on Netflix while touching up your hair, we don’t judge.  The best thing about this feature is it allows you to multi-task and stay connected while getting ready for work or a night out.


Heated floors

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There is nothing more off-putting in the morning than leaving your warm, comfortable bed and stripping off your cozy pajamas.  Heated floors are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens and bathrooms; they are a great idea in a walk-in closet for the same reasons.  A warm floor under your feet as you prepare for another Monday is an indescribable luxury.


Take time to consider your space, budget and needs before planning your custom walk-in closet renovation.  Remember that the best part of a custom design is you can add almost any feature you need to suit your lifestyle.  Get in touch with one of Karry’s design consultants to discuss which features you can include in your custom walk-in closet.


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