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We’ve spent over a year sharing all kinds of design styles. Many of them, you might have noticed, lean towards spacious, decluttered vibes. English Countryside throws that all out the window. So if the modern trends seem to move farther and farther away from your ideal tastes, this one might be for you.

Remember, grandma knows best.


Most contemporary design styles cater to open concept layouts and spacious architecture. That is the exact opposite of what we’ll advise here. Cozy, quaint and sentimental are the operative words.

In this décor style, you can bring in as much stuff as you please. It’s not about hoarding or cluttering for the sake of it, though. It’s about bringing in all the sentimental and favoured pieces you love because things are allowed to be cozy.


Rustic materials like wood, wicker, and stone lend well to the feel of this style, while woven fabrics, linens, textiles and patterns are the main staples. Most designs are composed of fabric and wood in furniture, décor and art. While metals aren’t banned from this style, lean towards rustic or matte finishes.


Texture tends to be the more common feel in English Countryside décor. Glass and mirrors are the most used glossy surfaces, but they aren’t a primary focus.

Plush throws, rugs, carpet, and fabrics that have a genuine feel to them are the best way to go. Unpolished stone or exposed brick are other great ways to achieve this feel, while still providing sturdy, flat surfaces.


The sky is the limit here. You can go with muted greens, yellows, reds, blues and browns, or more vibrant pops of each. You have the freedom to mix and match colours too.

The most common colour scheme or pattern in English Countryside décor style is plaid. Couches, rugs, ottomans, pillows, wallpaper, you name it – it’s the surest way to achieve this style. Similarly, you can readily bring in other patterns like argyle and hounds tooth.

If you’re at a loss of where to begin, start with a warm neutral and build out from there. You can bring in darker accent walls and choose your favourite colour to act as the main ‘pop’.


Vintage furniture is a great addition to an English Country room. The same goes for wicker chairs or side tables. You can still bring in more modern pieces too, but learn towards ‘character’; none of that minimalist design. You’ll want furniture with more ornate tables legs, tufting, patterns and accessories.

When it comes to appliances and hardware, ornate and intricate are the way to go. Have you seen those fancy kitchen appliances that are modeled after old wood oven stoves? This is the perfect style to incorporate those.


This is where it all happens. Wallpaper with vibrant colours, patterns and designs are a big staple and, like plaid, really identify English Countryside décor. The best part is you don’t need to be afraid of mixing patterns. Try to restrain yourself from getting too wild, but don’t worry about clashing too much either.

Have a bunch of heirloom plates or a china set that you’ve never used? That is the perfect wall decal. In fact, that is one of the most common art features, along with oil paintings, to be found in this style. You will notice that this decor uses the walls as a big feature. Multiple framed canvases and mirrors are go-to idea.

Finally, remember we mentioned that cozy and comforting is the main purpose here? Feel free to overdo it on pillows, blankets and rugs. Using multiple flower bouquets as centerpieces also brings in a cozy vibe while still feeling rustic.

English Countryside décor is all about a warm, inviting feel and is great for those who still crave that bit of nostalgia in their homes. That sound like you? Get in touch for help bringing it all together.

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