Top Five ‘What’s Your Style’ Blogs of 2016

Was one of your favourites missing from the year-end roundup? Tell us about your favourite blogs and read through more of our 2016 inspiration!

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Everyone’s got their own style and their own spin on it. These five style focuses are just a few of the most popular ones we shared this year.


1. What’s Your Style? Rustic Cottage

Seems fitting that this one makes a comeback with the Canadian winter coming up fast. Rustic cottage is all about warm, cozy and comfy.

2. What’s Your Style? Spa Retreat
What better way to beat the winter blues? Our spa retreat design focus was a big hit and it’s no surprise why.


3. What’s Your Style? Art Deco
Art Deco is as glamorous as it gets and you guys made it clear that you’re all about that. Take another look at this decor!


4. What’s Your Style? Eclectic
Not everyone is hopping on the minimalism bandwagon. There’s still a lot to be said for the unconventional style that cherishes the best parts of all décor types!


5. What’s Your Style? French Bistro
That European flair is making a comeback in design, especially in the kitchen. French Bistro is an interior design look that we’re big fans of ourselves!


Was your favourite style not included in this list? Share with us what you think is the style to rule them all!

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