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Grab a towel because you’re about to start drooling. While the outside might look modest, the inside is anything but.

The Space

Situated in the Roncesvalles area, close to popular Toronto hotspots like High Park, Trinity-Bellwoods and Exhibition Place. This gorgeous home is a whopping $1.8 million (and it looks like it’s worth every penny).

What We Love

1. Open Concept – This home uses open concept beautifully. Edwardian style homes in Toronto tend to go vertical and run pretty narrow. The entire first floor of this home feels grand and spacious though, and it’s a huge sell.

2. Rooftop Terrance – This terrace area provides a rare bit of tranquility in a typically squished Toronto neighbourhood. City homes rarely get such a private oasis, and this one has a great open view.

3. Finished Basement – A little extra square footage in the city goes a long way. This basement is finished beautifully, and feels bright and open.

4. Modern Back Exterior – The back of this home could very well be the biggest highlight – and not just for the amount of light it lets in. Floor to ceiling windows make up the entire first and second floor back walls. The lower half, which lines the living room, can even slide up to create an expansive entrance to the backyard.

5. Second Floor Bedroom – All the bedrooms in this home are lovely, but the second floor room, complete with high ceilings and a loft, is stunning.

What We’d Change

1. Front Exterior – While the back exterior is a beautiful modern display, the front feels a bit disjointed. Gorgeous modern renovations have been added to the front but with the minimal landscaping it looks mid-construction. We’d build up the garden and landscaping.

2. Backyard Landscaping – The backyard has a similar feeling to the front, in that it goes for modern minimalism. With a generous amount of space, especially for a downtown home, we’d add more to the gardens and green space.

3. Backyard Fence – The one glaring issue in this backyard is the lack of privacy. The deck has a decent privacy screen, but the chain fence leaves the rest of the yard exposed. We’d invest in wood fence that fully encloses the property. That would go even further in upping the home’s value.

4. Lack of Colour – The home’s contemporary style is beautiful and helps to create a grand feel in the home, but it also makes for a bit of monotony. By including a few more pops of colour, like the red bench in the living room, we could add more character and break up the space a bit.

5. Second Floor Bathroom Cabinets – While the cabinets definitely provide function for storage, they pose an issue when it comes to cleaning. The area under the drawers, coupled with the small cabinet legs, would be very difficult to access for cleaning. We’d replace the cabinets with a vanity that reaches the floor.

The Bottom Line

This beautifully renovated home is a gem that could raise the value of the entire neighbourhood higher than it already is. The contemporary, open-concept design is executed flawlessly and demonstrates how to bring traditional structures up to modern tastes.

We love the actual property and would primarily add only to the exterior areas. There’s tons of ideas to take from this home to inspire you in yours. Get in touch to start a renovation in your home, that is just as spectacular as this one!

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