Basement Renovation Before and After

Basement Renovation: Before and After

Your home renovation can be as simple as a paint job and new lights, or it can be a complete overhaul. Whatever your budget or imagination, you’d be surprised at the dramatic impact a few simple updates can make.


This basement renovation began with a dark and confined space in desperate need of a modern update.  At first glance, it might seem like it would take a complete gutting to bring this room up to modern standards but the process is rarely as dire as you might think.


Let’s take a look at the renovations that turned this basement into an enviable living area.




Basement Renovation Before


Take note of the major challenges faced in renovating this basement section. The first impression is a room that is dark, cramped and dated. Lack of light is a common problem in basements and storage is usually a factor throughout the household.


On the aesthetic end, this space in particular was in need of a modern rejuvenation. On the practical side, the need for storage and organization was of top priority. Coupled with the need for more light and some general touch-ups, this home renovation had a range of challenges.




Basement Renovation After


The change is dramatic but the actual work was fairly straightforward. The most important renovation that took place was the addition of vaulted ceilings. The original ceiling was removed and dry walled to add more height to the space. The improvement in the room from the single change was huge, as it immediately eased the cramped and cluttered feel.


Once the issue of space was tackled, the next challenge was bringing in more light to the basement. This was approached on two fronts. First, 12 pot lights were installed throughout the new ceiling to evenly disperse artificial light. Second, new windows and a patio door were brought in to replace the old.


The replacement of the windows and patio door were a valuable upgrade on several fronts. The new additions were fresh, modern updates that helped bring in more natural light. Thinking long-term, replacing old doors and windows (especially if they are original with an old home) is something to always keep in mind. These areas could be allowing unknown leaks and drafts into the house, and replacing them can save on heating and other bills in the future.


The real fun came with the material updates. Dated wood paneling was removed from the walls in favour of a neutral paint colour, while the parquet floors were replaced with heated slate; a huge sell in a finished basement. Finally, a woodstove area was taken out and modern mosaic stone took its place.


With the basement fully remodeled to solve the issues of a dated, cramped space, the remaining challenge was storage. A custom built-in entertainment centre and office space was designed specifically for the alcove that was once defined by clutter. Made with natural-finished walnut and an interlocking stone accent wall, the built-in subtly houses a television, game units, cable boxes, and several other spaces for storage.


The result of generally simple fixes can be massive. Some peripheral clean up of the originally unwelcoming space immediately fitted this basement to current tastes. The addition of a custom built-in personalized the room and made it a welcoming environment for the whole family.


Sometimes home renovations need to start from scratch, other times it’s just about cleaning up the surface. No matter what you’re starting with, it never needs to be daunting enough to stop you in your tracks; Karry Home Solutions has seen it all. Discuss ideas with one of our designers and get started on your next home reno today.

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